Airlie Australian Share Fund - Live Webinar

Airlie Australian Share Fund Portfolio Manager, Matt Williams provides a market update and dissects the recent reporting season. (Viewing time: 44 mins) 


Airlie Australian Share Fund - Fund Launch

Airlie Australian Share Fund has commenced trading on the ASX under the ticker code AASF.  This represents the next generation of Active ETFs that brings together the features of an unlisted fund and an Active ETF into a single open-ended fund.

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Introducing the Airlie Australian Share Fund

Access one of Australia's most experienced stock pickers with the Airlie Australian Share Fund. A best ideas portfolio of 15 – 35 Australian stocks, managed by Matt Williams and Emma Fisher, that aims to deliver long-term capital growth and a regular income stream.

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About the Airlie Australian Share Fund

The Airlie Australian Share Fund (‘the Fund’) offers investors the opportunity to invest in a specialised and focused Australian equities fund. The Fund has a range of compelling benefits, including:

  • Airlie's Best Ideas

    Airlie’s conservative and robust investment process, proven over the long-term, rations the energies of the experienced investment team into finding the best investment opportunities.

  • Concentrated Portfolio

    The Fund is a concentrated, active portfolio of typically 25 hand-picked Australian listed equities.

  • Magellan Partnership

    The partnership between Airlie and Magellan Asset Management provides retail investors with access to Airlie’s unrivalled investment expertise for the first time, through the Airlie Australian Share Fund.

About Airlie Funds Management (‘Airlie’)

Airlie is a specialist Australian equities fund manager which brings together some of Australia’s most experienced industry participants.

Airlie has an active, value-based investment style that aims to deliver attractive long-term capital growth and regular income to its investors. Founded in 2012 by John Sevior and David Cooper, and headquartered in Sydney, Airlie manages a range of Australian equities strategies, primarily for institutional and high net wealth clients. Magellan Asset Management ('Magellan') purchased Airlie in early 2018, providing retail investors exclusive access to Airlie's investment expertise for the first time, through the Airlie Australian Share Fund.

Investment Insights

  • Stock Story 13 Oct 2020

    Stock Story: Premier Investments

    A retailer adapting to the pandemic. (Reading time: 5 min)

  • Video Insights 14 Oct 2020

    Where are Australian shares headed?

    Quiz - 0.25 CPD hours available

    Matt Williams discusses the outlook for the Australian share market and tells which companies are set to benefit most from the federal government’s budget stimulus. (Viewing time: 14 mins)

  • Video Insights 12 Oct 2020

    Buy Hold Sell: Seven stocks for offense and defense

    Matt Williams joins Livewire's Vishal Teckchandani and Sean Fenton from Sage Capital to discuss 7 stocks that may provide offense and defense in your portfolio. (Viewing time: 5 mins)

  • Video Insights 09 Oct 2020

    Buy Hold Sell: Four beaten down sectors

    Matt Williams joins Livewire's Vishal Teckchandani and Sean Fenton from Sage Capital to discuss beaten down sectors that might present attractive opportunities. (Viewing time: 12 mins)

  • Video Insights 20 Jun 2018

    Airlie Australian Share Fund - Meet The Managers

    The Airlie Australian Share Fund provides an opportunity to access an experienced investment team with a proven track record of prudent, common sense investing. Learn more about the Portfolio Managers, Matt Williams and Emma Fisher. (Viewing time: 8 mins)

  • Video Insights 04 Sep 2020

    Results Season, Done - Now What? - Live Webinar

    Quiz - 0.75 CPD hours available

    Matt Williams reviews the recent results season which was predicted to be the ‘least helpful’ in assessing company’s balance sheet health and growth outlooks. But was it? What have we learnt? What have been the surprises and opportunities, which companies have Airlie continued to invest in, and why? (Viewing time: 44 min)

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